Equity, Diversity
and Inclusion

OICR is committed to taking action towards becoming a more equitable, diverse and inclusive organization in all aspects of our work.

OICR embraces the concepts of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in recognition of the dignity and respect deserved by all people, their ability to enhance the excellence of research, and their role in enabling our vision of solving cancer together. 

We endeavour to create a safe, welcoming and diverse workplace, to the benefit of all. We recognize the need to address historical and ongoing inequities that result in a difference in opportunity and outcomes. We seek to reduce bias and barriers to allow people’s full potential to be realized, driving innovation and performance.

As a funder of cancer research, we seek to incorporate best practices for EDI in our research design, practice, funding programs and training. We are committed to enabling research that serves cancer patients from all communities – in particular those from communities that are historically underrepresented.

To reach these aspirations, OICR is committed to formulating an action plan to implement EDI practices in a way that represents the priorities and principles of our people and our community.