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Genomics Summary

Dr. Trevor Pugh
Senior Investigator & Director, Genomics

Dr. Paul Krzyzanowski

Dr. Carolyn Ptak
Program Manager

The mission of the OICR Genomics platform ( is to provide large-scale, next generation sequencing (NGS) cancer genomics capabilities to researchers in Ontario and beyond.

The Program’s objectives are to:

  1. Provide state-of-the-art DNA/RNA sample preparation, library construction and sequencing capabilities to support translational genomics research.
  2. Evaluate and adopt/adapt new technologies and methodologies for research and clinical applications.
  3. Where no suitable technologies exist, develop and implement novel approaches and techniques.
Opportunities to Collaborate

Please visit OICR’s Collaborative Research Resources directory for more opportunities to collaborate.

The Genomics Program is always eager to work with researchers interested in:

  • Genomic characterization of Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded (FFPE) pathology specimens;
  • High throughput transcriptome or exome sequencing;
  • Customized library preparation;
  • Working with challenging or precious samples;
  • Moving their genomics workflows to labs with automated platforms;
  • Any collaborative projects of mutual interest.

Visit for much more information about how the OICR Genomics platform can assist you.

In the News
OICR Genomics achieves CAP laboratory accreditation
OICR Genomics achieves CAP laboratory accreditation
Apr 26, 2021